Friday, June 15, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 new flagship launch date announced

  MyNetworkPlans       Friday, June 15, 2018
Finally, the reports confirm that the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was really correct and that the flagship smartphone of the Korean giant will be unveiled on August 9 at an event called "Unpacked" in New York.

The Korean Herald reported that Samsung will unveil the phone on August 9, two weeks before the launch of the Galaxy Note 8. It is said that Note 9 has a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen displaying the largest Screen of the series, as well as the largest battery volume between 3,850 and 4,000 mAh.

Along with the launch of the new Galaxy Note model, Samsung will also launch the successor to its Gear S3 smartwatch, Gear S4, ETNews reports. Unlike its predecessor, Gear S4 is said to have an application processor built with Panel Level Packaging (PLP) technology to enable a thinner profile at a lower cost. Gear S3 was launched in January 2017 at Rs 28,500.

However, the company has so far spoken very little about losses. Last week, we posted a new revelation that showed the claimed renderings and videos of the device. The design looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This phone also has a metal frame that is inserted between two 3D curved glass panels. The so-called CAD files also show the headphone jack, which is still at the bottom of the metal frame, as well as the USB port and speaker grill. The important S Pen continues to the right of the speaker grill.

However, what has changed is the back of the phone. The camera configuration is very different from the Galaxy S9 Plus and has a horizontal configuration with the fingerprint reader directly below it. Although these renderings may not be accurate, the CAD design suggests that Samsung may have skipped the fingerprint reader and placed it on the back to keep the design simple.

The same design also shows the Bixby button on the left side under the volume control. It is said that the dimensions of the Galaxy Note 9 are 161.9mm x 76.3mm. It could also have a thicker life compared to Grade 8, which is 8.8mm. Even the screen size is 6.3 inches. Previous reports indicate that Note 9 on the Galaxy S9 will not significantly increase performance.
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