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Whatsapp will be working in Apple IPad only not in Android tab

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While WhatsApp has been a popular messaging application on smartphones for years, Facebook now seems to have its messaging platform on tablets. After ignoring that it is not fully qualified as a mobile device with phone numbers (which runs mainly with WhatsApp), WhatsApp examines at least Apple's iPad, if not Android-based Android tablets.

The lost data confirming the messages come from WhatsApp-Tippers WABetaInfo. The site, which collects everything related to the beta versions and public compilations of WhatsApp currently available, has found references to an application of WhatsApp for iPad in WhatsApp 0.2.6968 Desktop Update. While tweeted images only show a separate set of icons for iOS tablets, it seems to have a connection to the WhatsApp Desktop service currently in use through a web browser.

"* I do not know * if the new application for iPad will run as WhatsApp Web (so if you need an Internet connection) or maybe use Facebook servers to do something different.

Something in WhatsApp Desktop seems to change in the future. ", The tweet reads the tweet.

While WhatsApp has not yet confirmed that the desktop application clearly indicates that homes have been created for an iPad application. It remains to be seen if the application is based on WhatsApp Desktop. Otherwise, WhatsApp could cook something special to get on board Apple's iPad owners.

Why WhatsApp Ignore Android tablets? Sales can be a reason. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), tablet sales continue to decline year after year and quarterly.

The latest report for the third quarter of 2017, published in November, shows that growth in the third quarter of 2017 fell by 5.4 percent year-on-year. The decrease also marks the "twelfth consecutive quarter of annual decrease".

IDC research analyst Jitesh Ubrani said there is a preference for low-cost lists in the market, and even by quality providers like Apple. "However, many of these low-cost lists are simply long replacements for consumers, since first-time buyers are harder to find and the total installed base for these devices continues to decline in the years to come." he added.
The same report indicates that Apple is still in control (10.3 million units sold), mainly due to the company's cheapest iPads. Add the application specifically designed for the iPad (unlike what you get on Android) and the latest software update, and you have a recipe for success. Samsung is the next line (6.0 million), but it is far from being transmitted, so WhatsApp or a developer does not mind developing an application for Android tablets.
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