Thursday, November 2, 2017

Opensignal result - India is in 77th Position in 4G availability and 4G Speed

  MyNetworkPlans       Thursday, November 2, 2017
India has availability of 84.03% 4G, so according to an open reporting report one of the first countries in terms of availability of 4G. In terms of speed 4G, however, India exceeds the list with 77% of the population at 6.13 Mbps.

The report found that there is no country that has cut an average download speed of 50 Mbps, although some of these operators have this barrier, but there is no country offering LTE connections beyond 50 Mbps, South Korea, and Singapore they got the fastest score with an average of 45.9 Mbps and 46.6 Mbps 4G, respectively.

The average download speed of 4G is 16.6 Mbps and increases by 16.2 Mbps, while the huge influx of new 4G phone users increases LTE speeds in developing countries. The average download speed was 0.1 Mbps for 2G, 4.4 Mbps for 3G and 9.9 Mbps for WiFi networks.

The report also stated that while LTE availability is on the rise all over the world, as the latest report of unlocked open signal has entered the 40 Mbps club and has an average of the number of countries that exceed speeds 20 Mbps, has decreased.

Opening the signal said that 33 countries were about six months ago in a position more than 70% of the time to provide an LTE signal, which grew to 50 according to the current report. According to the report, there are 20 countries with 4G availability values ​​of 80% or more compared to 16 countries six months ago.
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