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OnePlus 5 - Oreo update may be available from this December with face unlock

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The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus launched OnePlus 5T a few months after the launch of OnePlus 5, causing the wrath of some of the owners of the latter device. This is mainly due to the fact that Oneplus 5T has an aspect ratio of 18: 9, which is currently the industry standard, while OnePlus had 5 thick frames up and down. In addition, OnePlus 5T was introduced at the same price as OnePlus 5

However, one of the OnePlus 5 users provided some information that other OnePlus 5 users could appreciate. It seems that the update of Android 8.0 Oreo for OnePlus 5 also includes the feature of facial unlocking presented in OnePlus 5T, as a report in the XDA Developer Show. The Face Sharing function allows access to the device when it detects the user's face and, according to the BGR report, the function is fast enough. Faster than FaceID on iPhone X.

However, OnePlus 5T Face Unlock does not include depth detection technology and, therefore, can not create a 3D face map, so it is misleading. For this reason, OnePlus has indicated that Face Unlock should not be used to authenticate payments.

It is important to note that OnePlus did not issue any official statement about the inclusion of Face Unlock in Oreo Update for OnePlus 5. According to Techdroider, the user received the update of Android Oreo Beta 2 on his device and saw Face Unlock in the configuration log. There were also updates to a redesigned notifications panel and a gallery interface, a new camera and some other features.

During the launch of OnePlus 5T, the company officially announced that it will launch the Android Oreo update for OnePlus 5 before the end of the year. By contrast, OnePlus 3 and 3T have received the Oreo update since November 20, but have not received the function of facial unlocking.
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