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IOS 11.2 Apple beta update with wireless charging on Iphone X and IPhone 8

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Apple has released one update after another lately. After the release of iOS 11.1.2 last week, the company has already started to implement the beta version of the iOS 11.2 update. Which means that iOS 11.2 will be tested and launched shortly.

At the launch of MacRumors, Apple will introduce faster wireless charging support for iPhone X and iPhone 8. The report confirms that the 7.5W recharge is available in the latest version of iOS 11.2 beta. As of now, iPhone X and iPhone 8 are compatible with the slower Qi 5W charging speed.

However, in line with the update of the beta version of iOS 11.2, Apple had promised at the launch that the fastest 7.5W would arrive later. Previously it was thought that the update for a faster wireless charge would be provided with Apple's AirPower mousepad, which should come out in 2018, but according to today's report, it is not true.

In addition, the 7.5 watt speed seems to be available for any Qi charger that supports higher performance, and not just for the two tested Apple Belkin and Mophie pads. While there is no official word from Apple, when we can expect a full public version of iOS 11.2, but given that the beta version is available, we can expect it to be available in the coming weeks.

The news of the beta version comes just the week of the update of iOS 11.1.2, which mainly resulted in fixes for the iPhone X. The main patch that the update has made was the inconvenient problem of the iPhone X, which stopped responding in case of cold. The other patch in the update resolves the problem that can cause distortions in Live Photos and videos taken with the iPhone X.
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