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Green line issue in Apple Iphone X display - User complaints

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It's only the second week of Apple's Rs 89,000 smartphone, the iPhone X went on sale and already faces some strange problems. It is reported that some iPhone X owners see a disturbed green line that develops spontaneously on the OLED screen of the phone's Super Retina display, indicating that there may be a hardware problem.

According to a MacRumors report, the problem with the green line did not disappear even after users tried to restart the device. The frustrating owners of iPhone X have met Twitter, Apple Community Support, Facebook and Reddit to share photos of the problem. The mistake was also called "the green line of death." "Apple also seems to collect accident data so that its technicians can examine the problem, as is the case with possible hardware or software problems," the newspaper said.

Well, as the Apple support page suggests, 35 users said they learned about the Green Line theme. According to TechCrunch, the problem could be caused by an electrical fault that interferes with the way the phone displays the pixels. The report compared the problem with last year's Samsung Galaxy S7, which reported facing pink line screen damages.

You can see some tweets from Twitter users below.

Apple seems to be aware of the problem, considering that some of the business representatives have interacted with the owners of the iPhone X on Twitter and its forum. At the moment, Apple did not offer a solution to the problem, but it seems very soon. One of the iPhone X users said that Apple replaced his phone for free at an Apple store and told us that the "green line of death" is definitely a problem that can not be resolved with a software update.

Recently, iPhone X users also reported that they did not respond due to cold weather conditions. However, Apple plans to schedule a software update to solve the problem. The engineering giant has released many updates for iOS 11, including iOS 11.1. However, the company did not specify an exact time for the next update that could solve the problem. The iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone so far, with 64 GB to 89,000 Rs. The 256 GB version will restart it from a huge 102,000 Rs.
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