Thursday, November 9, 2017

Flipkart launching its own smartphone named Billion Capture +

  MyNetworkPlans       Thursday, November 9, 2017
Some time ago that Flipkart is known to experience its own brand of smart phones and now the experiment seems to be successful. After an advance, Flipkart launches its smartphone called Billion Capture +. The smartphone will only be available on Flipkart from November 15th.

Like the current trend, the culmination of Billion Capture + is a series of double cameras on the back. While the Flipkart list does not exactly match the specifications of the smartphone, it has features such as super night mode, bokeh and depth of field. In addition, Flipkart also tends to reload the smartphone when it says that the smartphone will offer "battery hours with recharge minutes." The Billion Capture + should also be endowed with unlimited storage in the cloud and a "powerful processor". The device runs on the Android operating system Nougat.

In addition, the Flipkart smartphone will have a Full HD screen. As for the design, what we can do with the images, the smartphone will bring a metal body. Your smartphone does not look slim like most smartphones. We see that there is a double camera configuration placed horizontally on the back, located in the upper left corner, with an LED flashing to the side. The fingerprint sensor is also located on the back.

On the front we see a headset with a selfie camera next to it. The power button and volume control are on the right side, the 3.5 mm connector on the top and the loudspeaker grille, and a USB type C port on the bottom.
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