Saturday, November 4, 2017

Amazon Music will be launched soon freely for Prime members

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The Amazon Prime Music Service free service should be available at a later date and Amazon is expected to charge an additional subscription fee for the same price. Music Unlimited offers more songs and also allows users to control and heal their music collection much better. In addition to this, the introduction of Prime Music seems to be perfectly in line with the Amazon Alexa devices that are gaining ground in the Indian market.

Last week, Amazon launched its Echo Smart Speaker series in India and now the company seems ready to offer its Prime Prime members its free Amazon Prime Music service. This means that early members will soon have free access to unlimited streaming of music without advertising between genres and languages.

According to a page (through Raju PP) on the Amazon Prime India website, "early members will soon enjoy music without advertising in millions of songs in English and in multiple languages ​​on multiple devices at no additional cost added to their first association. "

The Amazon Prime subscription costs Rs 999 per annual membership. More recently, the subscription was increased to Rs 499 per year, which was an introductory price for India. The Amazon Prime membership in India offers fast, no-cost shipping, early access to budgets, unlimited real-time video streaming services from Amazon and free delivery of Prime products.
Amazon also offers special discounts for the main members, where only members can benefit from the discount or members receive additional discounts in addition to discounts. The first association also allows users to access the Amazon Prime Video service, which allows free access to many TV shows and movies, some of which are exclusive to the platform. There is also the Amazon Prime music service that members enjoy.
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