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3G Services may closed in 3 to 4 years in Airtel then Only 2G and 4G services - Source

  MyNetworkPlans       Thursday, November 2, 2017
The main telecommunications company, Bharti Airtel, will shut down 3G service over the next 3-4 years, reducing the spectrum associated with 4G services, a senior official said.

"There is almost no expense for 3G, and our view is that over the next 3-4 years the 3G network is likely to close faster than the 2G network because 50% of the phone is still sent to India. "said Bharti Airtel, MD and CEO of Gopal Vittal, India and South Asia.

He said the company is investing in 4G technology to build more network data capabilities.The company will use the 2100 megahertz band used for 3G services for 4G services.

"Where we have a second race in 3G or a third race, the software revolution will give it incremental capacity in 3G and most of this spectrum will eventually go to 4G, so we need radio units," said Vittal.

He said the company has installed modern 3G devices in some telecommunications circuits that can support 4G services, but the original 3G services must be replaced.

"Some of the old radios are pure 3G that we need to replace, it will take some time, I think the answer to this will be the function of voice recording in VoLTE voice (4G voice call), it will not be required to be transmitted in 3G, which can help us reactivate 2100Mhz for 4G, "said Vittal.

The main telecommunications operator saw the sixth consecutive quarter, as its consolidated net profit dropped 76.5% to 343 billion rupees for the September quarter, which was Rs. 1,461 crore, which was reported in the same period. recorded a year ago fell.

However, Indian data traffic grew four times in the quarter and mobile broadband subscribers increased by 33.6 percent to 55.2 million.

Airtel's representative said revenues will continue to decline by 4 percent of consolidated EBITDA or Rs 300 crore in the current quarter, as mobile phone charges will drop to 6 o'clock on October 1.
Mobile phone companies pay 14 countries per minute for authorization of a national call by a competent operator to terminate their network before 1 October. India's telecoms regulator, the agency that determines it, has 6 pairs per minute since 1 October 2017.

Consolidated sales for the quarter just ended were Rs.21,777 crore, a corrected decrease of 10.4 percent (down 11.7 percent), corrected by operating units sold in Africa and Bangladesh and the sale of tower. ..

In a separate development, Airtel has announced the transfer of its fiber optic activity to its wholly controlled subsidiary Telesonic Networks for a rating of up to Rs 5,650 crore.
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