Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Vodafone gift their customer with green crackers in Delhi

  MyNetworkPlans       Tuesday, October 17, 2017
The Vodafone telecommunications operator gives "green" crackers that contain soya or tulsi seeds to customers visiting their stores in Delhi.

"As part of these 'super' celebrations, we are pleased to announce the Vodafone Diwali green campaign that aims to offer our customers a great deal of experience in this Diwali.

"Our specially designed ecological crackers  contain seeds of air purification plants that cause changes in pollution levels in the city, which will lead to a safer and healthier environment for everyone." Vodafone India Delhi and Business Manager, said NCR Alok Verma said in a statement.

In the gift box, the company is giving excellent 'crackers' that are soluble in organic water newspapers cookies that carry soy or tulsi form.

"Eco-friendly crackers are available in all of our stores and give our customers the opportunity to celebrate Green Diwali and be part of the great awareness campaign against atmospheric pollution," Verma said.

In addition, customers visit Vodafone stores that can design personalized GIFs that they can send to relatives and friends through social networks.

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