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Upgrade your Sun Direct HD set top box to HEVC set top box for free

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About HEVC:

The High Efficiency Video coding is a successor to the Advanced Video Coding (AVC) also known as H.264, this is also one of the compression scheme used by Blu-ray.

Now with Sun Direct DTH introducing  HEVC, they will offer the same level of picture quality as AVC, but with better compression in less data.

How it work HEVC?

There is a large amount of raw data that comes out of a professional HD camera. Transferring such massive data to home TV is not possible so, these videos are generally compressed and transferred to a much simpler and manageable form.  The idea is to reduce the massive amount of data to manageable form. Here we are dealing with better and smarter compression without compromising on the Quality of the video.

Advantanges of HEVC:

  • Greater Efficiency. H.265 should require only half the data rate of H.264 to deliver equivalent perceived quality.
  • Increase Spatial Resolution.
  • Improved noise level, color gamut, and dynamic range as compared to H.264.
  • Improved methods for parallel processing.
  • HEVC replaces macroblocks with a more efficient (but also complex) hierarchical system for partitioning frames.
  • HEVC provides larger block sizes for higher coding effciency.
  • HEVC supports tiling, allows mulitple encode instances to work on the same frame simultaneously.
  • HEVC supports wavefront parallel processing, so multiple thread can process different slices of frames more efficiently.
  • HEVC is progressive-scan only, simplifying decoder implementations.
  • HEVC includes entropy coding algorithmic enhancements that enable hardware decoders to run more efficiently.
  • HEVC includes higher precision filtering for improved motion compensation.

How to Upgrade?

Call 7601012345 Sun direct customer care number with you Smart Card number and raise the complaint to upgrade your set top box. In 48 hours you will get the new HEVC set top box to your home for free. Enjoy...

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