Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Relaince Jio 4G tariff has been revised from today 19 Oct 2017 - Tariffs costs are now slightly expensive

  MyNetworkPlans       Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Reliance Jio updates its plans as of October 19, 2017, eliminating most of the initial tariffs. The new tariffs are a little more expensive than they did as part of their initial release.

Although it has two effective plans for Jio Prime - Rs 309 postpaid customers with 60GB of monthly data and RS 509 with 120 GB of monthly data - there are now five different plans. The Rs 309 will offer 30 GB per month with a daily limit of 1 GB. At Rs 409, users get 20 GB per month without daily limits. At Rs 509, the monthly limit will be 60 GB but with a daily limit of 2 GB. At the Rs 799, the monthly limit rises up to 90GB with 3GB per day. At Rs 999, users will get 60 GB of data but have no daily limits.

When it comes to prepaid, there will now be nine different plans with a validity of one week to one year. While the cheaper plan will be Rs 52 for seven days with 1.05 GB of data, the most expensive will be a packet of Rs 4.999 to 350 GB of data for 360 days. The cheapest monthly plan will be Rs 149 for 28 days with 4.2GB, but with a limit of 0.15GB per day.

The most profitable plan is Rs 459, which offers 84 GB in 84 days with a daily limit of 1 GB. heavy data users can opt for the Rs 509 plan that gives a daily limit of 2 GB to 98 GB for 49 days. There is also an Rs 399 plan with 70 days of validity and 1 GB of daily limit. With all daily limits, the speed will drop to 64 Kbps once the quota is over.

There are two unlimited daily plans. Rs 999 packages offer 60 GB for 90 days, while Rs 1999 packages offer 125GB for 180 days. This is ideal for those who do not use their Jio connection daily. Rates are only valid for those who have a Jio Prime Membership. Jio Reliance specifies that unlimited SMS mentioned on your plan benefits will be limited to 100 free SMS per day according to TRAI rules.

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