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Airtel gives 100% cashback while recharging 349 recharge like JIO

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The tariff war continues. And it will not end soon. To celebrate Christmas holidays, Jio presented a limited-term offer called Dhan Dhana Dhan, according to which the company offered a 100-percent cash back of Rs 399. plan This offer was for Jio Limited Period and is no longer available. Airtel has never been far behind to counter Jio at every step. Following the same, Airtel has submitted a new offer, according to which the company provides a 100 percent refund for recharging with Rs 349. This plan is also a limited time offer and is only available to prepaid users . However, Airtel users will receive reimbursement in installments and there are some conditions to get the offer.

The Rs 349 Redemption Offer was presented at Diwali's time with the new Dhana Dhan Jio offer is still available. However, this is also a limited offer offer, as mentioned by Airtel and may end soon. But from now on, Airtel did not reveal the last date of the offer. So how does this offer really work?

This is not a direct refund offer and the refund will be made in intervals. Airtel prepaid customers have to recharge their numbers with Rs 349. When charging, the customer will have to pay the amount of the charge but then get a refund of all the money (Rs 349) in the coming months. It should be noted that Rs 349 money back will be held in 7 installments, which means that total money will be refunded (Rs 349) within 7 months. To take advantage of the offer, the user must go to Airtel for the My Airtel application and recharge with Rs 349 (only) through Airtel bank payments.

Below the procedure to get the cashback:

The user will receive the refund amount from the first month. Only Rs 50 will be refunded at a time. For example, recharge your Airtel number today with Rs 349. For now, you'll make the payment. However, on next charge, starting next month, Airtel will offer a redemption of Rs 50. This will continue for 7 consecutive months at a time.

This means that Airtel will reimburse the Rs 349 over a period of 7 months. The calculation is similar to: 50 rupees (all months) X 7 (months) = 350 rupees. It's worth noting that this offer applies only to Rs 349 top-ups. The offer is displayed in the My Airtel application. Refunds will be credited to the Airtel Payments Bank portfolio each month.

According to the Rs 349 plan, Airtel prepaid users will receive up to 28GB of data for 28 days. There is a FBD limit of 1 GB of data per day with unlimited voice calls to any other network.
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